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Acne Treatment Program

Clear Skin in 4 Steps lasting approximately 15-20 Weeks
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An Effective Acne Treatment Program

Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S. and affects over 40 million people of all ages. Unfortunately, acne also tends to be the most misdiagnosed, and mistreated skin condition.

Are you tired of trying every personal product out there just to be disappointed and not use it again? How many skin care products do you have laying around in your bathroom or bedroom?

Chances are if you are reading this, you or someone you know is struggling with Acne.  Acne is not just a teen problem. That being said, it can be emotionally debilitating and stressful to deal with.

At Pure Skin Studio Makeup & Skincare Studio, we customized all treatment plans. Our acne program is completely individualized, and we approach every individual as so.  As your Acne Specialist, it is my profession and passion to help you toward the ultimate goal of “healthy clear skin”! Results are not only physical, but also build your emotional self-esteem, and reduce the stress most acne clients face.

Getting Clear of Acne

Part of the Bootcamp Acne Program is a commitment to bi-monthly appointments – lasting approx. 15-20 weeks.  We combine our professional acne skin care products with bi-monthly acne treatments.  It is very important to keep your appointments and compliance to the homecare outline for you to be in the acne program.

We will provide you with guidance and support, but you have to be willing to do the work.

  • The first step will be to schedule a consultation where we will go over your medical history, skin routine, perform a skin analysis, assess your skin tolerance and skin for sensitivities.
  • Customize a homecare plan designed for your individual skin and optimal results.
  • Questions and answers during the consultation give you the opportunity to ask for more details in person and will allow you to decide if you are ready to be clear.
The Acne Program

What are the requirements of the acne program?

  • Begin your homecare and use it for about 2 weeks prior to your first advanced acne treatment.
  • Attend each professional treatment, the more you reschedule – the longer it will take to clear. (and may result in termination of acne program)
  • Allow enough time in your appointment to go over any changes, adjustments needed or longer treatment.
  • Refill your homecare on time, and watch for acne triggers.

More program details can be viewed below

My goal is to be upfront with you so YOU, the client, can understand the level of commitment treatment takes. It will not be an overnight process. Once your acne is under control, you will need to continue your skincare routine to keep it that way.

The Acne Program by Pure Skin can help treat acne brought on by pregnancy, as well as maskne (acne breakouts from wearing a face mask).  Our acne program works best when clients adhere to our treatments and guidance, via the Pure Skin Pro Online Acne Program and/or in-person consultation.

Acne Treatment Program | Pure Skin Pro
4 Step Acne Program

Can you clear in 15 to 20 weeks? Yes, provided you are dedicated and follow your estheticians directives.

Our plan involves four stages:

  • Consultation
  • Product Customization
  • Treatments
  • Maintenance

At our studio, we will provide you with guidance and support. My goal is for you to never feel alone. I truly understand what you feel and what you are going through. I’ve lived it and it is one of the reasons I got into this field. I am very grateful that I get to help others and build amazing relationships on a daily basis.

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Acne Program Information

Program details and facts

Included in the Acne Program Treatments

As an Acne Program participant, you will be expected to receive a professional treatment bi-weekly until … graduation.

If you are struggling with acne and live too far from our studio to conveniently travel for appointments, or feel more comfortable social distancing, we do offer an online acne program.

You will also be expected to refill your home skincare products as needed in a timely manner.

The acne program is unique as it provides to you everything needed for the same per-visit fee.

The acne treatment program includes Level 1, Level 2 Chemical Peels and LED therapy at no additional cost.

The cost-saving benefits of the Pure Skin Pro Acne Program are offered to assist you in achieving healthy skin. I sincerely care about clearing your skin and want to be your partner in helping to achieve your goals. It is vital that you are as serious about your skin as I am.

Sticking with the program is the only way to clearer skin. That means keeping your appointments, refilling prescribed home care, and using SPF.

How to Begin the Program

Schedule a new client consultation and treatment. This is the best way to learn more about the acne treatment program and what to expect.

About Program Home Care

Keeping up with your home care is imperative for your acne treatment progress and it will be customized for you. Expect a morning and evening routine and an initial cost of $250-300 for your starting home care regimen. If body treatments (back and chest acne) are necessary, additional costs will apply. Generally, products will last 2-3 months. Additional products may be introduced/removed as you advance through the acne treatment program.

Acne Program Benefits

Our goal is to create a customized plan for you — one that works! We are committed to getting your skin clear.

Our program is meant for clients who intend to make a serious commitment. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program. Benefits of our individualized program include:

  • customized home care and treatments
  • ongoing monitoring of acne program progress
  • regular home care modifications
  • step-by-step directions on how to use your product correctly
  • education and coaching

I am a big supporter of education; I want to coach you and help you understand acne, and offer continued support throughout your program, along with affordable products and treatment.

How often do I need to come in?

To get your skin clear as soon as possible through the acne program, schedule your treatments every 2 weeks for a minimum of 10 treatments. We do offer an online acne program option.

Do I have to buy Home Care By Pure Skin Pro?

Yes, this is part of our program. There are many brands on the market with pore-clogging ingredients, and we can’t control the changes and reformulations in them. To ensure you have clear skin, we suggest only using our products exclusively.

What happens once I am clear?

Once your acne is under control, you will continue to use your prescribed home care and we recommend you continue visits every 4-6 weeks to keep your skin healthy.

Remember, acne is a condition that requires ongoing care. It will always have to be managed.

How soon will I be acne clear?

On average, clients committed to our acne treatment program have significantly visible results within 15-20 weeks (individual results may vary), and often initial results are achieved within 10-12 weeks. Your dedication to your individualized home care plan, along with your bi-weekly treatments and corrective treatments, are important in achieving a goal of obtaining clear skin. Remember: acne is a skin disorder, and it can be managed and controlled, but not cured.

About Missing Appointments

Failure to maintain treatments and home care will result in a re-start of the program or may result in the termination of services. Please consider our online acne treatment options.

Get Virtual Acne Coaching

If you are struggling with acne and live too far from our studio, we do offer coaching through our online acne program. Please email us to inquire about this program or visit the Virtual Acne Consultations page.

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