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Extended Repair Program

Acne Scarring & Hyperpigmentation
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Skin Repair

Once you have cleared of acne and understand how to stay clear, you may notice residual damage to the skin from acne.

The damage can present as darkened or red skin marks, uneven skin texture and even scarring.

The Repair Program provides acne scar treatment and hyperpigmentation resolution through specific treatments and products that target the melanin and the texture of the skin. Melanin is what creates skin color and can be damaged by skin conditions such as acne as well as medications, hormones, normal aging, and sun damage.

Once a client has cleared of acne or is in the middle or final stages of clearing, we can begin focusing on best treatments for acne scars, red or dark marks, uneven skin tone and pigment scarring. These concerns are reduced during the acne program to a degree.

There are clients who will need additional, specific procedures to address and resolve stubborn pigment and scarring. We will determine best facial scarring treatments or scarring treatments in general.

That is where the Skin Repair program becomes invaluable.

Product ingredients and in-office treatments that specifically target texture and pigment will be used to provide the results needed.

Along with these in-office procedures, home care that is formulated to address and rectify pigment scarring and related concerns is to be used as a daily routine.

Hyperpigmentation and scarring will greatly reduce in appearance through our acne scar treatment program. That said, your best results are attained when you are compliant in keeping regular treatments, along with the use of prescribed home care and recommended SPF. We can provide the best treatments for acne scars, but we will need you to do your part with your home care.

Acne Scarring
Acne Scarring & Hyperpigmentation Skin Repair Program

The Skin Repair program is defined as extended, due to the fact that, unlike acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring can take longer than 12 treatments to clear completely, depending upon the severity.

  • Participants must have completed the Acne Clear Program.
  • Clients are required to be prescribed home care compliant.
  • SPF is mandatory.
  • Chemical peels are required for optimal effects.
  • Cost of series is customized to treatments received – please ask us for details.
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Repair Program FAQ's

Most Asked Questions

Included in the Repair Program Treatments

We already understand that as a Acne Program participant.  You know the importance of keeping treatment appointments and the  use of prescribed home care.

You will also be expected to refill your homecare products for the Repair Program – you may have new products added to your routine during this program to repair acne damage.

The repair program is unique as it provides you with everything needed for the reduction and improvement of your complexion at reduced prices for treatment procedures.

If you were to simply schedule a peel or facial procedure that is designed to treat pigment, texture and scarring, you would be required to pay full cost.  With the program, you are provided the same procedures with a courtesy savings.

The repair program includes our level 3 chemical peels and Organic CIT, making it a wonderful way to receive these advanced procedures.

It must be said that I offer these prices to assist you.  I care about clearing your skin. It is vital that you are as serious about your skin as I am. Keeping to the program is the only way to clear, and that means keeping your appointments, refilling prescribed home care and using SPF.

How to Begin the Program

If you have recently completed the Acne Program, please speak to the esthetician for more details on this highly customized program.
If you are a new client and wish to reduce existing pigmentation and/or scarring but are free of acne, please schedule a consultation with the esthetician.

New clients that are currently dealing with both acne and pigmentation concerns should begin first by scheduling a consultation to clear of acne through our acne program.

About Program Home care

As with the Acne program, you will be required to purchase, use and be compliant with refilling prescribed home care.
Keeping up with your home care is imperative for your progress and it will be customized for you.
Expect a morning and evening routine and an initial cost of $200-250 for your starting home care.
If body treatments (back and chest pigmentation) are necessary, additional costs will apply.
Generally, products will last 2-3 months and additional products may be introduced/removed as you advance through the program.

Repair Program Benefits

Our goal is to create a customized plan for you — one that works! We are committed to giving you a flawless complexion. With that being said, our program is meant for clients who intend to make a serious commitment. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program. Benefits of our individualized program include customized home care and treatments; ongoing monitoring of progress; regular home care modifications; step-by-step directions on how to use your product correctly; and education. I am a big supporter of education; I want to coach you and help you understand how pigment and textural damage occurs and how to prevent it, and offer continued support throughout your program.

How often do I need to come in?

The repair program is highly advanced and customized.
Depending on the skin condition you may need to be seen every 2 weeks to every 4 weeks.
The time between treatments differs between each individual and what type of treatment is given per appointment.
Example: You may receive one treatment and not be scheduled to come back for 4 weeks, and the next treatment you may be scheduled to return in 2 weeks.

I need to buy more home care?

Yes, this is part of our program. Although you may have prescribed acne or anti-aging home care, you may or may not have specific home care products that are formulated especially for pigmentation and/or scarring.
For your benefit, you will need product to increase the amount of reduction desired.

What Happens After The Series?

Once the set number of treatments is completed, you will continue to use your prescribed home care – possibly with modifications and we recommend you continue visits every 4-6 weeks to keep your skin healthy.
Remember, specifically with pigment – the skin must stay hydrated and protected at all times to avoid other forms of hyperpigmentation from UVA and UVB rays.
You must continue to use approved SPF, serum and moisturizer at a minimum.

How long will it take?

Pigment and scarring are more difficult to “move” than acne – believe it or not!
The length of the program is dependant upon each individual, but normally consists of approximately 15 treatments spaced apart anywhere from every 2 weeks to every 4 weeks.
The time between each treatment is determined at the end of each appointment.
There is no accelerated program for pigment or scarring.  I am here to explain more about these topics in a consultation.
In brief, pigment must be removed gradually to ensure uniform tone and texture of the skin. With scarring we are stimulating collagen formation which can also require time – this is why the repair program involves more treatments than the Acne Program.

About Missing Appointments

Failure to maintain treatments and home care will result in a re-start of the program or may result in the termination of services.

Pigment Problems with Acne

If you have both pigment/scarring and active acne, it is required at this studio that you first complete the Acne Clear Program PRIOR to the Repair Program.

The acne program deals specifically with clearing you of acne, which must be done first.

While minor pigment and scarring is addressed in the acne program, our full concentration is on getting you clear to stay clear – residual damage such as pigmentation, dark spots, and scarring from the effects of acne is targeted after all active acne has been removed for optimal results.