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Facial Treatments

100% Customized, Corrective Skincare Facial Treatments
Acne Treatment | Pure Skin Pro
Corrective Facials

Reduce and correct rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma, signs of aging. Includes various modalities.

Organic Microneedling | Pure Skin Pro
Organic CIT Facials

Organic Microneedling. See skin tone and texture brighten, tighten, lift and firm as scarring reduces and fades. Safe for all skin tones.

Custom Facial | Pure Skin Pro
Customized Facials

Enzymes, masks, serums are hand selected to treat your skin to a customized preventative and maintenance facial.

Oxygen Facial | Pure Skin Pro
Oxygen Facials

Breathe new life into your skin with this creamy, yet effervescent, oxygenated custom facial that provides a fresh clean, glow.

Our Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are essential to your skin’s health.

Premature aging and the reduction of existing signs of aging require the correct product ingredients. These ingredients differ from those used to treat acne or hyperpigmentation … as examples.
For that reason, every facial provided at this studio is 100% customized to your skin needs and what you desire from the effects of the treatment. It is strongly advised that all new clients schedule a consultation or new client appointment prior to choosing other procedures.

There are facial treatments performed that involve active ingredients and esthetic devices that, before use – your skin must be tested for sensitivities. Consultations allow me to begin the process of selecting exactly what your skin can accept at your first appointment, which will provide you with the results you most desire.

Facial treatments provided at this studio are corrective in nature. What this means is that each treatment targets and address wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, ingrown hairs, loose skin, skin discolorations and improve overall skin texture and health. My focus is on providing results over fluff and frills.

Our most popular facial treatments include:
  • Resurfacing Facial – a fresh exfoliating treatment using solutions to break down and remove dull, dead skin debris.
  • Organic CIT Facial – a treatment that mimics microneedling perfection for mature skin, all skin tones, minimizes scarring.
  • Pure Skin Facial – a highly customized facial that includes one or more esthetic devices and a beautiful travel kit.
  • Oxygen Facial – Effervescent deep pore cleansing that provides a beautiful glow. Also see our Oxygen Peel.
  • Acne Treatments – please see the Acne Treatment page.

Facial Clients

Pure Skin Pro | Spa Special Offers

Pure Skin Pro Studio provides facial and other treatments safely and effectively to:

  • All Skin Types
  • All Skin Tones
  • All Skin Conditions
  • All Genders
  • All Ages

Facial Treatment Menu

All facials will be customized to your skin type and tone for optimal results
New Client Facial

Customized facial treatment includes consultation, double cleansing, massage, exfoliation, extractions if needed, face/eye serum infusion & a custom treatment mask. Consultation will cover future treatment plan & regimen recommendation.

Time Dur: 60 Min.- $125 and up

Rosacea Facial

Ideal choice for all new clients & those with sensitive/rosacea skin types. Calm, soothe, and replenish aggravated, irritated, inflamed skin while addressing additional skin care concerns. BENEFITS: Rosacea, allergies, sporadic breakouts and dryness.

Time Dur: 60 Min.- $105 and up

Signature Custom Facial

Our signature, customized maintenance facial includes a skin analysis, double cleanse, exfoliation with enzymes or gommage, serums, finishing mask, hydration and SPF customized for your specific skin type. BENEFITS: All skin types and tones.

Time Dur: 60 Min.- $105 and up

Resurfacing Facial

Advanced exfoliation facial treatment using customized chemical resurfacing formulations. This is a highly customized facial treatment with a peel. Must be on homecare for 2 weeks prior to receiving this treatment. BENEFITS: Lightening, brightening, wrinkles, acne.

Time Dur: 60 Min.- $125 and up

Organic CIT Facial

This procedure mimics Microneedling through a natural blend of unique plants finely milled into a powder, which is then cocktailed to your skin needs and applied in this cutting-edge treatment. BENEFITS: Elastosis, pigment, scarring, acne, signs of aging.

Time Dur: 60 Min.- $125 and up

Pure Skin Facial

The ultimate, all encompassing facial. This treatment may include multiple esthetic devices such as Nano Infusion, Microdermabrasion, Celluma LED, resurfacing solutions. Also includes a travel kit of professional products. BENEFITS: All skin types & tones.

Time Dur: 90 Min.- $179 and up

Oxygen Facial

Oxygenated professional products are key in this remarkable treatment.This treatment provides enough oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. Great for any occasion or simply to get your glow back. This treatment gently and effectively exfoliates skin, purifies, soothes the skin, and promotes healthy regeneration. BENEFITS: All skin types and tones.

Time Dur: 45 Min.- $115 and up

Gentleman's Facial

Nourishing treatment focused on refreshing and nourishing men’s skin.
Treatment includes deep pore cleaning with steam, exfoliation, and mask. Ideal for men that want a fresher look or suffer from ingrown hairs. Note: – all other treatments are available to our male clients as well. BENEFITS: All skin types and tones.

Time Dur: 45 Min.- $85 and up

Teen Facial

The perfect introduction facial treatment to a skin care regimen for your teenager. This treatment includes: deep cleansing, anti-bacterial exfoliation that removes impurities, extractions (if needed), and a nourishing mask to reduce redness and inflammation. Responsible party consent is required. BENEFITS: All skin types and tones.

Time Dur: 30 Min.- $69 and up

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