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acne gut

Out of all the different skin conditions that affect people, acne is the most common. In fact, it’s almost certain that we will experience acne, in one or more of its forms, during the different phases of our lives. This pernicious skin condition has various different causes and presents a wide number of symptoms.

If you’re suffering from acne but have been unable to diagnose the underlying cause of it— even after trying multiple medications, treatments, and products— then the info in this blog might help explain what’s going on.

As improbable as it sounds, your gut (gastrointestinal tract) MIGHT be the reason for your acne. Yes… poor health conditions in the gut can result in chronic outbreaks of skin conditions like acne.

But! If your gut is healthy, that may be the missing key to having clear skin.

Let’s Talk About How The Gut Affects Your Skin And Causes Acne

A ton of scientific research has been done on the subject, establishing a solid link between nutritional deficiency, gut health, and acne. The condition of the human gut and skin health are closely related to one another. If you have an unhealthy gut, it can show on your face. Recurring skin issues may point to the existence of a gut problem. Too often we neglect this underlying reason, ignoring the possibility in favor of medications and products that treat the acne topically… but sometimes, the main cause of the acne IS the gut. An unhealthy gut can result in the manifestation of acne, eczema, rosacea, inflammation, and various other skin conditions.

Your gut microbiome hosts several viruses and bacteria that flourish in your intestines and invite skin issues. These bacteria and viruses can develop dysbiosis as a result of an imbalanced microbiome, and that condition can lead to skin problems like acne.

The main reason for dysbiosis is a leaky gut. A leaky gut allows larger infectious molecules to flow from the gut into the bloodstream, where your immune system contains the infection… but not before the infectious waste leftover from the process is shed through the pores, affecting the lining of the skin. That can cause unhealthy skin conditions. Literally, an infection from your gut will show on your face as acne.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into The Prevention Of A Leaky Gut And How You Can Prevent Acne By Addressing The Health Of Your Gut

If you want to get rid of skin conditions or acne, then pay heed to the health of your gut. Include friendly fibers in your diet. Engage your body in healthy exercise and protect your energy by de-stressing the body. You may need to take action to cleanse your gut, and take precautions to keep it clear.

Start by focusing on your diet. Balanced and super food items can help to heal your gut, almost as if by magic:

  • Eat Right. Add healthy food items like fiber, plant-based food, wholegrain, pulses, fruits, and green leafy vegetables like broccoli to your diet and cut out processed food items. Highly processed food can cause inflammation in the gut.
  • Refresh your biome. Prebiotics and probiotics can do wonders to improve the health of your gut. Food items like onions, radishes, oatmeal, garlic, and yogurt are super healthy items that can help to clear the gut and heal the skin.
  • Moving your body can also have a good impact on the health of the gut. Daily exercise improves the movement of the gut, supercharges the metabolism, and makes the gut feel relaxed.
  • Remove the food allergens from your diet. Notice which foods are worsening your acne and remove those food items to keep the gut and skin clear.
  • To clear out the gut, you need to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is also a vital key to getting clear skin. When you’re properly hydrated, your increased water intake removes toxins from your body and thus clears out the gut and helps you to have healthy clear skin.
  • Focus on managing your circadian rhythm. An imbalanced sleep cycle can also damage your gut as well as the other organs that directly affect your skin. Practice a good sleep routine, minimize the use of screens before going to bed, and get enough sleep to strengthen gut cells.
  • Develop your ability to manage stress. Anxiety directly impacts your body’s digestion, and too much of it can lead to bad gut health. Stay calm and get clear skin by clearing out your gut.

Practice these tips and tricks and your gut health will rebound in no time. You can always clean your skin on the outside, but practicing a plan to maintain good gut health can enable you to clean your skin from the inside out, resulting in better overall health, heightened skin care, and the true expression of your inner beauty… in the form of unblemished skin and a clear face.

That’s where we at Pure Skin Makeup & Skincare Studio come in. We can help to evaluate your skin — even virtually — and recommend specific foods to add to your diet, or to pinpoint those you should avoid altogether. We’ll also want to be sure you’re drinking plenty of water to flush acne-causing toxins from your system.

Ready to get started? We are here for you. Visit Pure Skin Makeup & Skincare Studio online at and click on the “Acne Program” link to schedule a consultation. You can find us by calling 484-243-0771 or email