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waxed bikini line

Waxing the pubic area has become a very common service in the hair removal business.  Women and men prefer the look and feel of being hair-free.  To most, it’s a confidence boost, hygienic, and, for some, it’s the only option for hair removal as shaving irritates and causes issues with ingrown hairs.   Waxing when done correctly and with the appropriate aftercare can help prevent ingrown hair and painful infections.

You want the hairs a certain length, however, to get the best result. How long should pubic hair be before waxing? Your hair should be ¼ inch long or 6.35 mm for optimal waxing. First-time waxing appointments require 2-3 weeks of hair growth for optimal bikini wax results.

Read on to learn how you can best prepare for a bikini or Brazilian waxing and continue to maintain a well-maintained bikini line.

Is it OK to Wax off Pubic Hairs at Home?

Professional waxing is best. I’ve heard horror stories from women who have gone to what they thought was a reputable waxing place (or by trying to wax at home), only to have suffered burns to their skin, horrible experiences that have scared them from ever trying the service or infections from bad or no post-wax information.  Discomfort or infection in that part of your body can be embarrassing in the least or worse: debilitating!

I have decades of experience in specialty waxing services. A gentle bikini waxing treatment by Pure Skin Makeup & Skincare Studio will successfully and safely remove hair at the panty line and top of the bikini area.

If you’re a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician seeking professional waxing classes, I offer in-person training in waxing services in Reading, Lancaster, West Chester, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas.

Can My Hair Be Too Long for Waxing?

Yes. If your hair is more than a half-inch long, you should consider shaving it and “starting over.”  Then schedule an appointment so that it lands about one full growth cycle out. That is, give the hair 1 to 4 weeks to regrow to about ¼ inch. In most cases, 3 weeks is usually long enough.  The longer the hair, the more uncomfortable and the more likely there will be some breakage. 

I’m happy to discuss the timing of your waxing service and answer any questions you have regarding waxing services in sensitive areas.

What Should I Do to Prepare for the Wax Service?

If you typically get red, bumpy skin after shaving your pubic area, consider taking an antihistamine an hour prior to your waxing service. Of course, check with your primary care physician before taking any medications.

You also should exfoliate your skin prior to your appointment. You can find other tips for pre-bikini waxing here.  I suggest you wear loose-fitting clothing.

All new Pure Skin Makeup & Skincare Studio clients must complete a new client form, which can be found online.

What Takes Place During a Bikini, G-String, or Brazi?

Your waxing will take place in a clean, private studio.

Always shower or bathe beforehand. You’ll also be given an anti-bacterial, cleansing wipe at the studio. Your esthetician will keep you properly covered throughout the wax service and instruct you along the way. You may need to move your legs to better accommodate the wax placement and removal, especially if you’ve opted for Brazilian waxing. But you will be guided, so there’s no need to feel apprehensive.

You’ll likely find the inner-most areas of the pubic area the most sensitive, although it won’t be terrible. The entire process is quite bearable, and any pain will quickly disappear.

What Soothes the Pubic Area After Waxing?

Cool compresses can reduce any irritation post-wax. Continue to wear loose-fitting clothing the day of your wax service and avoid perfumes and over-the-counter creams in the pubic area.

I recommended all new clients purchase an at-home care kit for post-waxing maintenance.

How Often Should I Get a Wax Job?

For best results, see your esthetician every 3 to 4 weeks for waxing. Regular waxing will give you consistent results that leave your bikini line smooth. It will also help you avoid hair follicles that may otherwise become ingrown and painful.

Ready to schedule your wax service? Visit the home page of this site for links to the waxing consent form and COVID form or contact us with any questions.