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preventing ingrown hairs after waxing

The dreaded ingrown hair dilemma: We’ve all been there, and we’ve all suffered from the pain that comes along with it. The pain I speak of is one that is hard to forget.

This is the pain that keeps us from wearing our favorite jeans, leggings, or any tight-fitting pants because it becomes so unbearable. Well, my dear friends, I have some solutions and preventative methods for you to try.

In a nutshell, here’s how to prevent ingrown hair after waxing:

Wear loose-fitting clothing for several days before waxing. Take only cold showers and avoid perfumed products for the first few days after waxing. Several days after waxing, gentle exfoliation can help significantly.

Make sure you understand these important steps before your waxing session begins! Keep reading to get the full scoop.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing To Your Appointment

First and foremost, one of the most important things to remember is to wear loose-fitting clothing to your waxing appointment, as well as for about one to two days after.

Tight-fitting clothing will cause unwanted friction and irritation. The loose clothing will give your skin a chance to breathe and heal without any firm pressure.

Avoid Hot Showers & Perfumed Products After Waxing

Please take care to avoid hot showers or baths for a few days after your waxing appointment. Cool water and cool compresses will help to soothe the area and reduce skin irritation and sensitivity.

Avoid any perfumed products such as lotions or creams. These will irritate your skin and most likely sting. Instead, please use a serum or lotion that is safe for use after waxing.

For the first 24 hours avoid any excessive activity or exercises. Perspiration can irritate the freshly waxed area.

Exfoliate Gently After 72 Hours

Another very important step to prevent ingrown hair after waxing is to exfoliate the area that is waxed. Gentle exfoliation will help to remove dead skin and it will also give the hair a clear path to grow back.

You may use a physical exfoliator like a scrub, dry brushing, or chemical exfoliator like our PFB Roll-On Gel.

Do not over-exfoliate. You don’t want to irritate the skin and strip it of its natural moisture and healthy bacteria. Exfoliating about twice a week should help to keep any ingrown hair at bay. If you are prone to ingrown hairs and wear a lot of tight clothing or activewear, you may need to exfoliate more frequently to prevent ingrown hair after waxing. Please wait 48-72 hours after waxing before beginning your exfoliation regimen.

Get A Vagacial After 1 Week

The vajacial is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, mask, remove any ingrown hair present, and soothe any irritation or redness. In most cases, a vajacial treatment is suggested the week after your Brazilian wax to help prevent any ingrown hair.

The word “vajacial” is a simpler way of saying a facial for your bikini line and pubic mound area. This treatment is great for those who suffer from chronic ingrown hair.

Learn more about vajacial body waxing treatments.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water daily will help to keep your skin soft, supple, and moisturized.

Secondly, use a serum to further lock in that moisture. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. I have several helpful pre-waxing and post-waxing products online to help ensure your comfort.

Do Not Pick, Pluck, Or Scratch The Waxed Skin

Lastly, never ever, under any circumstances, pick, pluck, or scratch at any bumps or redness that develops. This increases your chances of developing an infection.

So there you have it! If you follow my guidance above on how to prevent ingrown hair after waxing, you’ll avoid a lot of frustration and pain! Keep in mind, many of these tips and tricks are great when it comes to any area of waxing, whether it is underarms, legs, arms, or buttocks, etc. I hope these tips and tricks help. Stay smooth, my friends!