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Makeup Classes

Individual, Teenagers and Group Lessons

We’re happy to provide makeup classes as well as the other makeup services listed below. If you’re near West Lawn, PA, and interested in one-on-one services, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Looking for Virtual Makeup Lessons?

If our location is too far away to travel (or you’re from another state), we still do offer virtual makeup lessons that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Give us a call at 484-243-0771 and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Makeup Classes | Makeup Bag
Makeup Bag Makeover

Do you have what is best suited for your individual beauty in your bag? Let's see what works, and what can be improved. Our professional makeup classes will leave you confident in your daily makeup application.

Makeup Lessons | Pure Skin Pro
Personal Makeup Lessons

Schedule a one-on-one makeup lesson with your personal makeup artist. Then watch yourself walk out with a feeling of confidence in your new look!

Makeup Classes | Teen Makeup Lessons
Teen Makeup Lessons

Help your teen learn how to apply age-appropriate, beautiful makeup emphasizing the importance of daily skin care.

Makeup Lessons | Virtual Lessons
Virtual Makeup Lessons

Receive instant answers to your beauty questions with online makeup classes and let us help give you the right tools to look your very best.

Personal Makeup Shopper

Can’t figure out what to buy? Frustrated due to the massive selections?

Let me help you shop. I can help you select products that would work best for your skin type and style.

I have a lot of experience and can certainly help you save some money by making suggestions on what you can be more frugal with and items you really shouldn’t.

Personal Makeup Lesson

Schedule a one-on-one lesson with me.

We will go through your personal makeup and I can help you learn other ways to use your products, give tips, teach technique and sanitation practices. I’ll also make suggestions regarding must-have items and teach you how to do your makeup. A great gift idea for Sweet 16 or Quinceañera, or for brides-to-be prior to their wedding day.

I will coach you on how to create a day and night look that best fits your features and style.

Group Makeup Lesson (2 hr)

Get together with your friends in the convenience of your home.

Learn the newest trends in makeup. You may customize your lesson by picking a look. Think “Natural,” “Smokey Eyes,” “Teen Makeup,” “Glam,” and “Skin Care Basics.”

Bring your makeup bag and let’s go over what you have and decide if the items are a good fit for your skin type and tone.

All makeup lessons include skincare basics.

Minimum of 3 participants for group lessons.

Makeup Bag Makeover

We go through your makeup bag and evaluate what you have, what you should keep or what you should get rid of.

I will recommend products to add to your makeup bag to suit your specific needs and makeup goals. We will also discuss skincare.

Teen and Tween Makeup Lesson

So your little girl is growing up. She is starting to experiment with makeup!

Why not get her a personal lesson to help teach her how to wear makeup appropriate for her age?

More makeup does not mean better and with all the information out there, a personal lesson that focuses on her features and concerns would be a great gift and super fun, too. This is an ideal birthday gift for teen and tweens.

For Licensed Cosmetologist or Estheticians

Are you a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist wanting to learn more about makeup?

Please contact us to schedule a personal coaching class.

Subjects – Building a Pro Makeup Kit, Makeup for Photography, Bridal Makeup, Airbrush Makeup

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Beauty Makeup Classes

Check out our Facebook page for our monthly makeup classes.
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Makeup Classes on Facebook

Makeup Class Events

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Contact Us

Please message us if you would like more information on makeup instruction and classes.

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