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Ahh…menopause. What DOESN’T change for a woman while going through menopause? This may be how you feel, and changes in the condition of your skin may be just one symptom you’re experiencing. If you’re experiencing skincare changes due to menopause, we can help!

Age Spots & Sun Damage

Now may be the time you start seeing the aftereffects of those hours spent in the sun, or in a tanning bed, during your teens and early 20s. Age spots and larger areas of darkened skin may appear on your face, hands, neck, arms, or chest.

Keep in mind, however, these could also be signs of skin cancer and pre-cancerous skin growths.

Be sure you are applying sunscreen daily before heading outside. It’s best to use at least a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Doing so can help to fade age spots and prevent new ones, too. More importantly, it reduces your risk of getting skin cancer.

You should also be scheduling annual exams with a dermatologist for skin cancer screenings. At your appointment, seek advice from your specialist on how often you should conduct self-exams and what to look for when doing so.

Dry Skin During and After Menopause

When you’re in the throes of menopause, your skin loses some of its ability to hold water, causing increasingly dry skin. To counter this, wash with a mild cleanser and ditch the soap, which can also be drying. Apply moisturizer after a bath or shower and throughout the day as your skin starts to feel dry. Products containing hyaluronic acid and glycerin are particularly good for women in perimenopause menopause stages.

If you need additional help, you may want to consider exfoliation or microdermabrasion, but consult with a skincare professional first. I customize corrective skincare treatments for my clients because I know each person is unique!

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The Effects of Menopause on Facial Hair

When your hormone levels begin to drop, you may see an increase in unwanted facial hair, especially under your chin and along your jawline or above your lip. For this, facial waxing is one option. Another remedy for unwanted facial hair caused by menopause is laser hair removal by a trained professional.

Wrinkles and Sagging Skin

During menopause, your skin is losing collagen. As it diminishes, skin loses its firmness and begins to sag. Jowls can appear and wrinkles that once only showed when smiling and frowning are now ever-present. You may also start to see pouches under your eyes and larger pores due to a lack of firmness.

What can you do? Again, protect your skin from the sun, which can cause an increase in wrinkles. Skincare products containing retinol and peptides are also helpful. The ingredients work to increase collagen in your skin. Shop the Skin Solissful collection of moisturizers to find effective, professionally chosen products that can help reduce the appearance of aging skin.

Breakouts – Why Pimples at This Age?

You may, in one way, feel like you’re revisiting your teen years as menopause can bring on acne. Consult a professional on how to treat your skin. He or she may recommend washing with a cleanser containing salicylic acid to help unclog pores.

You may also experience rashes or easily irritated skin. As you near the age of 50, the skin’s pH begins to change. This can cause it to become more sensitive and worsen conditions like eczema and rosacea. If you are experiencing similar changes in your skin, be sure to use a fragrance-free moisturizer to reduce irritation.

I’ve helped many clients get their “late in life” acne and skin issues under control. We can even arrange a virtual acne consultation.