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Bacne Trio Kit


Our back acne kit is customized to fight, clear and reduce what we commonly refer to as Bacne.
Our Acne Kit II helps to control and prevent breakouts for problematic skin with mild to moderate Inflamed acne lesions.

Included in this acne kit, fullsize:

– Exfoliating Mandelic Scrub
– Mandelic Serum 15%
– Acne Med 10%

Does not include SPF which is mandatory when using any type of aha’s, bha’s and benzoyl peroxide.
Please select one from our lines that we have selected to be acne safe. Skinsolissful & Face Reality options are acne safe.

Skin Solisful reserves the right to make product substitutions as necessary.
Please contact us if you need assistance.


The products included in our back acne kit will assist you daily in your goal of attaining clearer, smoother skin. Bacne is a frustrating skin problem because it is difficult to reach every area. This bacne kit / body acne kit and your estheticians tips will have your skin clear and supple and you’ll learn how to avoid stubborn bacne.

Our back acne kit will include our potent, Exfoliating Mandelic Scrub to gently exfoliate and help to unclog pores aiding in helping your serum to penetrate the skin while also offering anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.
Mandlelic Acid Serum which is a gentle AHA great for all skin and anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, in addition amazing for post hyperpigmentation caused by acne.
And our Acne med kills a P.acne, which is an acne-causing bacteria.

If you worry about how to apply product to your back acne ask the esthetician for tips and tricks or consider purchasing a device like the Body Buddy to help get those hard to reach areas.

If you have questions, please contact our esthetician.