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Detox Mineral Home Facial Kit


Time to deep clean and pamper your skin with our Detox Mineral home treatment.
Rescue your skin from daily stress with our infused nourishing minerals, balancing topical probiotics and brightening botanicals.
Full size products can be used for daily use, as well as for a routine home facial treatment

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  • PRO Exfoliating Cleanser 6 oz: Experience renewed skin with this specially formulated pearlescent anti-aging cleanser. Stimulates and tones skin while removing impurities and naturally brightening tone.
  • PRO Firming Serum 1 oz: Replenish skin health with this tightening peptide based serum. An exotic blend of Tropical Botanicals, Plant Stem Cells and Collagen Building Peptides encourage advanced skin firming. Brightens skin while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • BIO Hydrating Mist 2 oz: On-the-go refreshing facial mist that hydrates, brightens and calms skin with Plant Stem Cells, Antioxidants and Gold and Silver Minerals.
  • BIO Hydrating Mineral Masque 2 oz: This ultra-hydrating gel mask nourishes skin back to health with advanced mineral technology, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and green tea. The effective mineral combination of gold, silver, magnesium, and copper replenishes and restores skin glow. Formulated to help soothe and calm inflammation, perfect for dry, dehydrated, hypersensitive skin, and rosacea.
  • BIO Hydra C Serum 1.7 oz: Achieve healthy refreshed skin with this essential and universal Vitamin C serum. Encourages skin hydration and repair while protecting against harmful free radicals with powerful antioxidants.
  • ICE Refining Masque 2 oz: Refine pores and reduce oil production with this soothing clay based masque. Calm skin and manage acne with a combination of Salicylic Acid, Mastiha, Plant Stem Cells and more.
  • MYSTIQ Illuminating Polisher 2 oz: Polish your way to pore perfection. This gentle, exfoliating and brightening masque and scrub promotes a youthful glow while minimizing pore appearance. Heals skin with Mastiha, Silver, Gold, Orange Plant Stem Cells and a rich blend of botanicals.