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Brazilian Waxing

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Clean, Professional Brazilian Waxing Services

What is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax is the removal of all the hair.  (some people choose to leave a small trip)

Brazilian waxing removes all the hair from the root. The process also removes dead skin cells therefore leaving your skin smooth. Brazilian waxing by Pure Skin Pro is dedicated to providing clean, professional, and meticulous Brazilian waxing.

In addition to Brazilian waxing we offer “vajacials” these are basically a facial for your intimate area.

A vajacial by Pure Skin Pro includes cleansing, exfoliation, careful extraction of ingrown hairs, a clarifying mud mask, and gentle moisturizer. A vajacial is best done a week after your brazilian wax and it will greatly minimize ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation.

Please let your esthetician know if you are taking any medications such as blood thinners, Acutane, Retin-A, or Antibiotics. This is essential to help prevent potential side effects with your skin.

If you are pregnant, please check with your physician prior to scheduling a Brazilian wax.  Brazilian waxing is safe during pregnancy however if you have never been waxed before we discourage women from getting waxed close to their baby’s due date.

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Ingrown Hairs?

Brazilian Ingrown Treatment

Intimate Ingrown Treatment

Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, careful extractions of ingrown hairs, a special mud mask which draws out any impurities and ingrown hair from under the skin and ends with a soothing moisturizer.

Ingrown hair problems “down there” do not need to be a problem. Here at Pure Skin Pro your esthetician provides a specific treatment to prevent, maintain and reduce this condition.

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Professional Bikini & Buttocks Waxing Prices

Bikinis & Buttocks

Basic Bikini
$ 40

$40 and up for 30 minutes

$ 50

$50 and up for 30 minutes

$ 68

$68 and up for 60 minutes

$ 65

Brazilian Ingrown Hair Treatment $65 and up

Women's Buttocks
$ 35

$35 and up for 15 minutes